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The story of

God and us

2nd Peter (1) Acts (7) Genesis (2) Hebrews (1) Isaiah (1) Jeremiah (1) Job (1) John (4) Jonah (1) Luke (9) Matthew (3) Newsletters (1) Ruth (2)

  • Choosing to be together

    Choosing to be together

    Ruth 1.15–18

    An Episcopal priest I follow, Reverend Rachel Kessler, said this week that if there is ever anything that makes her consider giving up on ministry, it is when the balance in her work shifts “from more about proclaiming the good news to like, trying to keep an institution alive.” And while I haven’t been doing…

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  • What is God like?

    What is God like?

    Matthew 28.16–20; 2 Peter 1:16–18

    I can’t help but wonder, friends, if the reason we can’t get away from the complexity of the trinity is that we are being called into the same. We are being given the holy mystery of God, revealed in the scriptures that our forebearers have compiled out of six millenia spent triangulating who God is…

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  • May we be empty

    May we be empty

    John 14.8-17; Acts 2.1-18

    In Christianity, we think of the guidance we get from God as coming from the Holy Spirit. And I wonder if our Christian ancestors are telling us, “you need to be open to receive. You need to make the choice to receive.” And when you do, you’ll be infectious. You’ll create a feeling of closeness…

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  • The only way through is together

    The only way through is together

    Luke 24.45–53; Acts 1:1–11

    That God of unity sends, at maybe one of the scariest moments of the disciples’ lives, heavenly beings to be in companionship with the disciples. That relational God charges the disciples to stay together, waiting for the power of God to come upon them. And as we’ll discuss next week in the Pentecost story, when…

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