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Sermons on Jeremiah

Acts (1) Genesis (2) Hebrews (1) Isaiah (1) Jeremiah (1) Job (1) John (2) Luke (5) Ruth (1)

  • Dominant powers versus ultimate powers

    Dominant powers versus ultimate powers

    Jeremiah 23.1–4; Luke 23.33–43

    It was starting to feeling like maybe, just maybe, the bad guys didn’t have to keep winning. Maybe giants could fall. Maybe, as the Reverend Nadia Bolz-Weber says, dominant powers would not turn out to be ultimate powers. The next Halloween, for my work’s costume contest, I dressed up for Halloween as a cell phone with 10 missed calls from Ronan Farrow and a text message saying, “care to comment?” I told folks I was keeping track of who thought the costume was supposed to be a scary costume versus who thought of it more like a “super hero” costume. For the record, I was only halfway-joking with that one.

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