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Sermons on Ruth

Acts (1) Genesis (2) Hebrews (1) Isaiah (1) Jeremiah (1) Job (1) John (2) Luke (5) Ruth (1)

  • You should probably have imposter syndrome

    You should probably have imposter syndrome

    Ruth 1.1–19

    The passage Joe just read is the opening to the book of Ruth, a short story found in the portion of the Hebrew Scriptures that Christians have adopted as canon. In Jewish canon, it’s grouped with the five megillot, or scrolls—a collection of books that, liturgically, accompany Jewish festivals. The book of Ruth accompanies the festival of Shavuot, a fall harvest festival that celebrates the giving of the Torah and the blessings of harvest.  It’s also sometimes shared as the story of the first “convert” to Judaism–Ruth.

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