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The story of

God and us

2nd Peter (1) Acts (5) Genesis (2) Hebrews (1) Isaiah (1) Jeremiah (1) Job (1) John (4) Lamentations (1) Luke (6) Matthew (2) Ruth (2)

  • The only way through is together

    The only way through is together

    Luke 24.45–53; Acts 1:1–11

    That God of unity sends, at maybe one of the scariest moments of the disciples’ lives, heavenly beings to be in companionship with the disciples. That relational God charges the disciples to stay together, waiting for the power of God to come upon them. And as we’ll discuss next week in the Pentecost story, when…

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  • What do you have to believe?

    What do you have to believe?

    John 11.17–27; Acts 17.1–4,10–12

    Maybe “I believe you can raise the dead” feels too heavy for Martha right now. And that’s where this week’s reading cuts off. A few verses later, Mary has an interaction with Jesus that’s somewhat different, but still does not end in her explicitly believing Jesus will raise her brother from the dead. We know…

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  • The shadows of sent-out ones

    The shadows of sent-out ones

    Matthew 22.23–33; Acts 5.12–16

    At Bible Study on Tuesday, I was touched by how quickly folks caught on to what’s unique about this passage: the hypothetical in this story is not just a hypothetical about resurrection. It is a hypothetical that pre-supposes a patriarchal world where a woman’s job is to bear an heir for a man—even a deceased…

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  • Come away

    Come away

    Genesis 12.1–4; John 3.1–17

    The Hebrew scholar Naham M Sarna notes that there’s a crescendo that happens when God tells Abraham to “go.” God lists all that Abram would be leaving behind in increasing intimacy, increasing seriousness. “Leave your native land, leave your extended family, leave your father’s house. I am taking you somewhere new.” Quite a big ask,…

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