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  • All the things I’m scared of

    All the things I’m scared of

    Luke 1.5-22

    I am someone who is scared, a lot, of a lot of things. I am scared of taking out the trash at night. I am scared of my car making weird noises. I am scared of checking my to do list. I am scared of notifications in the FollowMyHealth app from my doctor’s office. I…

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  • Fruitcake and the family of God

    Fruitcake and the family of God

    Acts 10.9–48

    It’s an imperfect analogy, but it makes me think about when I first started working here last summer and learned all about our practices around Dia de los Muertos and our favorite hymns and the hymns which were very much not our favorite and the parts of our order of service and prayers that were…

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  • Bidirectional memory

    Bidirectional memory

    Acts 1.6-11, 22-24

    Día de los Muertos and All Souls Day are two holidays that occupy the same day on our calendars and share meanings that are quite similar, even if there’s an important demarcation point between the two. I think the Catholic writer Joel Schorn put it best when he talked about the two holidays as ones…

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  • What are you avoiding, Jonah?

    What are you avoiding, Jonah?

    Jonah, Survey of

    In therapy this week making small talk about this sermon, and my therapist, Dr. ■■, just kind of nods… then we begin the session and we talk about this reflection exercise I said I’d do and haven’t done… and then we talk about this absolutely annoying work phone call I said I’d make but haven’t……

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